REAL Costs Involved with Surrogacy

Many shy away from exposing the full cost of Surrogacy but we at, Lotus Blossom Consulting, believe that if you have an honest depiction you can plan for success. In our 14 years of helping create families, we have strived to keep our prices as manageable as...

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What Qualities to Look For in a Surrogate

What qualities should you look for in a surrogate?

They may not be what you would initially think of as the most important qualities. Mindy shares what she has found to be some of the most important qualities when choosing a successful surrogate.  Allow us...

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Priceless Guidance to Begin Your Surrogacy Journey

It can be overwhelming as you begin your surrogacy journey. There are so many questions and concerns. You want to be sure you get answers to them all and from reliable sources. Start by listening in as Mindy shares years of experience with you as she talks...

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Surrogacy Is a Beautiful Journey No Matter Why It Is Chosen

Surrogacy as a pathway to parenthood is chosen for many reasons, ranging from infertility to single parenthood.

No matter why you may have chosen this journey, we are here to help you navigate surrogacy successfully. We believe that surrogacy is a beautiful...

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Invaluable Keys for Surrogacy Success

Creating a plan for surrogacy success helps to create the shortest journey between where you are today and successfully growing your family.

We are sharing some our keys to success that we have learned while working with families just like yours to guide...

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