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Black Tie Dinner: Spring Brunch 2017

Every good story starts with a passion.

My passion for Black Tie began before I stepped foot into a dinner. A Dallas friend introduced be to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) 8 years ago. He shared with me a vision where LGBTQ people are ensured of their basic equal rights and can be open, honest and safe at home, at work, and in the community. I could not get involved quickly enough.

It was several years later that I moved my surrogacy consulting business and my family to Dallas. When I found out about Black Tie, it seemed like a perfect match. For those of you who know me, HRC is as much a passion, as are high heels! And sponsoring Black Tie was the perfect way to blend two passions at once.IMG_1104_JPG-e1496778952444.jpeg

Little did I know the scale and impact of this dinner. So much impact, in fact, that there was room to share the funds raised with over 10 local organizations in the North Texas Community. What better way to start life in a new a city than to start impacting the people who live here – DIRECTLY!

I left my first Black Tie dinner ready to do more.

The alignment of HRC, Black Tie Dinner and myself was undeniable and my involvement over the years has grown significantly. I am proud to be involved with both, and I am continually impressed with the way these two organizations work tirelessly to educate individuals, politicians and community leaders about why equality matters.

Over the generations, this work has opened many doors and accomplished significant positive changes throughout LBGTQ communities all over the world.

Our work is not done. As parents, my husband and I have learned first-hand that our behaviors, viewpoints, and messages influence the next generation. The way we model our choices, preferences, goals, and dreams all have a significant impact on our children.

Teaching equality begins at home. We are blessed to have the opportunity to shape and expand new minds to disregard prejudices, sway judgmental behaviors and be accepting of all that God has created.

We are proud to support Black Tie Dinner, Human Rights Campaign and to continue the fight for equality from generation to generation.

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