What Makes Newborn Advantage Different?

Mindy Berkson, Founder, Surrogacy Consultant, Head of Dallas Office

Mindy Berkson founded Newborn Advantage Surrogacy to help intended parents not only grow their families, but to give their newborns an advantage in life through a highly selective genetic selection process and optimized birthing environment. The consultancy was “born” from Mindy’s personal experience with infertility and has grown through strategic alliances she cultivated from her deep seeded background in venture capital.

Mindy works with individuals taking into consideration clients’ emotional, physical and financial infertility issues by orchestrating nationwide teams of multi-disciplinary unbiased professionals to accomplish a treatment cycle. Most importantly, Mindy provides an insider’s approach to the often-challenging roadblocks present in conquering infertility. Berkson has been featured in numerous international, national, business, health and wellness publications, radio interviews, and keynote speakers panels related to the fertility industry.

Courtney Berkson, Surrogacy Consultant, Head of Los Angeles Office

Courtney Berkson has helped create an organization that helps couples and individuals achieve one of life’s most basic dreams; to have a family and to help make sure the new family additions have all the advantages in life they can.

Courtney is laser focused on the changes in science and technology that are giving people more choices in their abilities to have children, and how those choices affect the outcome of the newborns during and after birth. Courtney works relentlessly to achieve the results that Newborn Advantage is known for.

“I’m passionate about this business,” says Courtney. “There’s nothing more fulfilling than changing people’s lives in such dramatic and positive ways and seeing the advantages that the newborns receive during the birthing process and as they grow into toddlerhood.”

Wendy Shyer, Surrogacy Consultant, Head of Atlanta Office

Wendy Shyer has been our lead consultant for gestational carriers for more than seven years.  Her warm compassion and personal experience as a surrogate enable her to bring empathy and guidance to all our surrogates.  Many of our surrogates have commented that what they love about working with Newborn Advantage Surrogacy is that they don’t feel like a number or a burden when they have a concern or question. Wendy believes it is an honor to work with surrogates, whose desire it is to help others achieve their goals of becoming a parent.

As our lead consultant for surrogates, Wendy spends hours screening and preparing each candidate for their surrogate journey, ensuring they fully understand what it takes physically and mentally to become a gestational carrier. Wendy and Mindy have built a relationship that allows them to narrow down candidates so well that intended parents are typically able to choose their surrogate after viewing fewer than five profiles.

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