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To see the love and excitement on the parent’s face when they see their child come into this world has been the greatest satisfaction in being a surrogate

“My name is Debra. I have been working with Mindy for almost 6 years. She set me up with my first match in October 2012 with a wonderful couple from France. I had a set of fraternal twin boys a year later. She then matched me up with an intended father from Illinois for whom I had a boy in February 2015. I was then matched up with a set of intended fathers from England whom I had a boy in August 2016. I am currently matched up with another lovely couple from New York. Mindy has made being a surrogate so seamless and such a joy. Mindy and her co-partners are so great to work with. To see the love and excitement on the parent’s face when they see their child come into this world has been the greatest satisfaction in being a surrogate. And I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of her, my husband Allen, and our two boys Hunter and William.”

-Debra M.

We highly recommend Newborn Advantage Surrogacy

“We had a very positive experience working with Mindy Berkson from Newborn Advantage Surrogacy. Her knowledge and experience initially helped us make the decision to progress with a surrogacy journey abroad. She found us an amazing surrogate who has since carried our two daughters in separate pregnancies. Mindy also recommended excellent lawyers who supported us through pre-birth order and all other legal requirements. We highly recommend Newborn Advantage Surrogacy.”

The Walshe Family

We cannot believe how lucky we were to have been introduced to Mindy via our Fertility Clinic in Connecticut

“Based in the UK and dealing with surrogacy in the US was daunting to say the least but as soon as we had our first meeting with Mindy (on Sykpe), our anxieties were immediately put to rest. Mindy was calming and reassuring and immediately understood our unique situation. Within a week of our Skype meeting, we had a number of high quality surrogate CV’s coming through via email for us to look over and narrow down according to our specific requirements. Within that same week, we had met (via Skype) and chosen our wonderful surrogate, to whom we will be forever grateful for carrying our precious son Augustus. The whole process, from meeting our surrogate to the birth, took just over 12months!! Without Mindy’s connections, intervention and management, I truly believe our surrogacy journey would have taken much longer. Thank you Mindy, for making our surrogacy experience so timely and so seamless.”

Jo A.,

United Kingdom

I wholeheartedly thank Mindy Berkson and her team at Newborn Advantage for helping provide me and my husband the best surrogate and egg donor possible

“I wholeheartedly thank Mindy Berkson and her team at Newborn Advantage for helping provide me and my husband the best surrogate and egg donor possible. My daughter, Ellie is now 4 years old and totally thriving. She is speaking two languages and mastering her reading skills. Each day Bob and I are amazed by her vocabulary, development and sweet demeanor which I have to contribute to your help in selecting our egg donor. Not to mention how difficult it was to choose among all the fabulous candidates you were able to share with us. We are very confident that we made the best choice and look forward to our biological sibling journey with you soon. Thank you again for everything.”

With grateful hearts,

Carolyn and Bob P.

Thank you, Mindy Berkson

“Thank you, Mindy Berkson and the entire Newborn Advantage Surrogacy team, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness, superior expertise and continued prompt attention throughout my infertility journey.

The whole infertility process can be scary and incredibly overwhelming but because of Newborn Advantage Surrogacy, I have absolutely enjoyed the most amazing experience and success with my first gestational carrier, who gave birth to my beautiful daughter! They truly made what seemed impossible into a glorious reality. Because of Newborn Advantage Surrogacy’s top-notch network, surrogate candidates are provided almost immediately! And now, thanks AGAIN to Newborn Advantage Surrogacy, I am going to have my second child – a baby boy! Everyone from Newborn Advantage Surrogacy always goes so far beyond my expectations in every way and makes me always feel taken care of and in good hands; no matter what time during the day or night, they always return my calls, answer any and all questions and make me feel so very comfortable and valued. I always feel like I have a trusted second family supporting me! Newborn Advantage Surrogacy is such a top-notch team that is genuinely interested in my well-being.

Thank you for your positive attitude, understanding, encouragement and compassion. Keep up the awesome work! It is an absolutely pleasure to recommend Newborn Advantage Surrogacy to my family and friends!”

– Suzanne DeWitt

My husband and I have worked with Mindy Berkson and her team for all five of our beautiful children. We couldn’t have asked for more because each one has turned out beyond our hopes and dreams

My oldest son Jude, is now 5.5 years old, he is smart, cute and bilingual. He is already on the swim team and soccer team. He is such a joy and blessing. He is attending an exceptional private school and is enrolled in the gifted program. Our twins Gloria and Job are 4 years old and are the greatest kids too. Job is on swim team and plays soccer and Gloria is playing soccer and doing ballet.They are both so beautiful, smart and are also bilingual. They attend a very difficult Montessorri/IB school and are already beginning to study Mandarin Chinese. They have the greatest personalities and are just pure joy.

Our last set of twins Joseph and Rose just turned two. They only speak Spanish currently, but they are beginning to speak some words in English. They are so cute to watch them learn to do things like swim and kick a ball. Rose has even started Mommy and Me Ballet. We are truly blessed with five blonde haired, 1 blue eye, 1 green eyes and 3 brown eyed children. Three look like their Daddy and two look like me. It is truly amazing.

We used three different surrogates to complete our family and each of the surrogates that Mindy and her team provided were very special in their own ways and we are still close to them and their families. We always wanted a large family and refused to give up hope after too many miscarriages and lots of heartbreak. Surrogacy was the perfect option for us. All of our full-term pregnancies were achieved on the first transfer and we are so blessed to have completed our family with these exceptional women. I can’t thank Mindy and her team enough for helping us to achieve our goals of being parents and having our little mini’s walking around touching all the people they meet. Mindy was exceptional in answering our questions and holding our hands through the process. I am blessed that she and her team came into our lives.

– Trudy Fountain-James and Derrell James