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The process

Our Newborn Advantage

We pay our surrogates fairly to attract the best quality candidates. Our recruitment process involves six to eight hours of screening candidates over several interactions. Our tried-and-true process is exceptionally selective and allows us to attract the most highly qualified surrogates.

We offer unparalleled access to a national network to provide specific sought-after surrogates. We have exceptional teams of medical, financial and legal experts to optimize everything possible for your newborn prior to and after birth.

Newborn Advantage Surrogacy tailors its services and the process to each client’s needs. We map out an individualized plan because each pathway to parenthood is unique. Our guidance and support enables you to build the foundation emotionally, physically and financially while planning for multiple cycles.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is to discuss your overall situation, including a discussion of any infertility diagnosis and treatment options set forth by the physician, as well as success statistics for your diagnosis and age.

We establish a master plan to tackle the pathway to parenthood, taking into consideration emotional tolerances, the total financial budget, time frames and parameters for infertility treatment opportunities. This plan also includes identified milestones for changing treatment and taking other courses of action.

The initial consultation, as with all of our services, is guided by our philosophy to provide a realistic balance between hope and practicality given your own individual situation and plan financially for treatment, with resources set aside for multiple cycles. Financial prudence allows clients to move forward with confidence and security. At the end of the Infertility Treatment Consultation, our clients become more empowered to make informed decisions about all aspects of their situation.

Overview & Exploration of Options

Newborn Advantage Surrogacy can help refer you to the right fertility centers, fertility specialist and embryologists to obtain a diagnosis and/or an appropriate plan. Additionally, we pull together teams of multi-disciplinary unbiased professionals, such as attorneys, mental health professionals, licensed insurance agents, escrow managers, financial and estate planners and many other ancillary services that individuals going through infertility treatment may require.

Continuing Consultations

We identify resources customized to your individual criteria, essential for your peace of mind and to prepare emotionally to explore treatment using a third party.

Consultations may include a myriad of options and analysis of choices to best suit your individual circumstances:

  • Insurance health and life
  • Disability insurance
  • Legal Executors
  • Trustees and Guardians
  • Distributions to partners and/or family members
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare directives