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Clients Speak About Their Surrogacy Experience

We interviewed two couples about their journey to surrogacy through Newborn Advantage and the families they gained from the experience. Read and watch their client testimonials below.

Keith and Josh have been together for nearly nine years and have been married for five. They always knew they had wanted to have family, but the question of ‘how’ kept surfacing.

After the two had settled down, the idea of surrogacy wasn’t always the first on their mind and they weren’t sure how they fit into the process. Keith recalls the first phone call he had with Mindy. “She was so welcoming,” he said, “She put me right at ease.” From then on, they knew they were in the right hands.

The couple was prepared financially and for all the technical aspects – but they didn’t expect the emotional journey they would go on. The ability to have Mindy and the Newborn Advantage team on the other end of the phone no matter the time, was a blessing.

Josh admits that “there’s nothing scarier than starting a journey that you really know nothing about.” But throughout both of their surrogacies, Mindy was the sounding board that both of them needed to keep them on track and allay their worries.

The couple now has two sons, Levi and Jacob, from two wonderful experiences with Newborn Advantage. They now see fatherhood as the most amazing experience they have ever had. In Keith words, “the love for [our children] has taken my capacity to love to a whole other level.”


Tim and Martin had a similar journey with Newborn Advantage. Having been together for nine years and married for six, the couple now has two children through surrogacy, three-year-old Gabriel and four-month-old Annalise.

When they first met Mindy and the team at Newborn Advantage, the decision to have kids was made so much easier. It wasn’t the idea of having kids that was daunting, it was the need to have someone there to guide them through the process.

To Tim and Martin, it wasn’t just putting the pieces of the puzzle together, but learning what the pieces of the puzzle were and Mindy became that guiding hand along the way.

When their first son, Gabriel was born, they had had such a pleasant experience that they decided to have their daughter Annalise through Newborn, as well. Now, they couple gets excited to help other couples through the maze of surrogacy so they too can have that same happiness.


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