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“Conceivable Options: LGBT Family Building Workshop”

(McKinney Avenue Contemporary) This seminar will focus on individuals and same sex couples consciously choosing to create families. Mindy Berkson, Infertility Consultant, Lotus Blossom Consulting will present surrogacy and egg donation with an insider’s approach to maximizing success rates, identifying resources specific to individual needs, finding ideal surrogates and egg donors and the many pitfalls with which to avoid when navigating the surrogacy journey. Timothy Thomas, Esq. of The Law Offices of Timothy T. Thomas will address the unique needs of estate planning for the LBGT community and the importance of establishing estate plans in advance of surrogate pregnancies.

With expertise and vast experience in legal issues, Tim effectively shares in layman terms how to accomplish and best protect your rights in domestic partnerships, civil unions, as a single parent and or a married couple. Lauren Duffer, Esq. of Law Offices of Lauren Gaydos Duffer will present on creating your family through adoption. Legalities of securing a birth certificate and accomplishing co-parent adoptions in the state of Texas. The presentation will address issues specific to insurance coverage, partner benefits, legal concerns as well as ways in which to optimize a successful cycle and mitigate financial risk. Most importantly, this seminar will provide advice on how to be your own best advocate on this special pathway to parenthood.

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