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Creative Ways to Thank Your Surrogate

It’s almost Thanksgiving—and here at Newborn Advantage, we have a lot to be grateful for, including our wonderful clients and the incredible surrogates who work with us. If you’re looking for ways to show appreciation to your surrogate for making parenthood possible, we have some great ideas. Why thank your surrogate? Expressing gratitude and support can strengthen the relationship and show her you appreciate all she has done to help you achieve your dream of parenthood. Of course, intended parents are under no obligation to buy gifts, as you have already invested a lot into the surrogacy arrangement. However, there are many ways to show appreciation that don’t cost a thing—like writing a card, making a phone call, or just saying, “thank you.”

Here are 10 ways to say “Thanks for being our Surrogate.”

1. Be present during the process.
If you live in another city, state or country than your surrogate, you may not be able to travel often for meetings or appointments. However, if your surrogate is nearby, make it a point to be there for major appointments, like the embryo transfer and heartbeat ultrasound. Being present shows your surrogate that you care, and makes the relationship more personal.

2. Give empathy.
Medications and pregnancy can take a toll on the body. Be understanding and empathetic, and
check in on your surrogate from time to time to see how she’s doing. Surrogates should also be empathetic toward intended parents, understanding that the surrogacy journey can be stressful and emotional.

3. Say thanks.
Sometimes a simple “thank you” goes a long way. Surrogates give so much of their time and their bodies, and gratitude is always appreciated.

4. Send a card.
Handwritten cards can be very meaningful—and in today’s digital age, they are more rare than ever. When you have a few moments, send a Thank You card, whether it’s before, during, or after the surrogacy process is complete. If you have other children, ask them to sign the card, or even draw a picture. It just might make your surrogate’s day.

5. Remember birthdays and holidays.
Birthday cards and holiday cards are always well received. Sending a holiday card to your surrogate is a kind gesture—and a birthday card is an even more personal one.

6. Send a Surrogate Care Package.
Everyone sends gifts for the baby—but what about the surrogate? Fill a gift basket or box with maternity items like lotion or oil, a cute maternity top, and healthy snacks. You can also add fun and unique items like books, CDs or DVDs, warm socks, foot soak, or a massager.

7. Give a Gift Card.
If you really want to make her smile, tuck a gift card inside a Thank You card. A nice dinners, healthy salad, cup of decaf coffee, or frozen yogurt is a welcome treat that can make pregnancy more pleasant.

8. Share a Quote.
Do you have a favorite mantra? Ever share inspiring quotes on social media? Every now and then, send an uplifting quote or a funny meme with your surrogate, to brighten her day.

9. Remember the Partners.
Is there a partner in your surrogate’s Life? Remember to recognize and acknowledge the man or woman who stands by her. Although they don’t play a direct role in bringing your new baby into the world, they do provide invaluable support for the woman who will.

10. Give Yourself Grace.
Remember to be kind to yourself throughout this journey as well. As an intended parent, you’re about to have the most rewarding (and challenging) job of your life—so recognize your own commitment and courage, and give yourself a little “me time,” while you still can. You’ll thank yourself later!

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