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Fertility for Men: 3 Ways to Help You Become a Dad, Faster

Boosting Your Fertility

Dads teach us so much about life. They care for us and protect us when we’re small, encourage us to explore the world around us as we grow, and are always there to make us laugh (or groan) with a “Dad joke.” No matter what type of Dad you happen to have had, he’s sure to have influenced the person you are today. At Newborn Advantage, we love Dads, and want wish each one a Happy Father’s Day. If you are seeking to become a father, that includes you! Newborn Advantage specializes in helping expectant parents build their families—and this month, we’re focusing on Dads to Be.

Here are three common challenges to male fertility, and three solutions to boost conception for men:

1. No / Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count is a common cause of male infertility—however, men with low sperm count can still father children. Normal sperm density ranges from 15 million to greater than 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Men who have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter, or less than 39 million total sperm per ejaculate, are considered to have low sperm count.

Sperm Washing

Sperm washing is a technique that separates the most active individual sperm from semen, and removes non-motile sperm and mucus, in order to the improve chances of fertilization. Sperm washing is a standard procedure in in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Decrease HIV Transmission

Beyond increasing fertility, sperm washing also helps reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. For HIV-positive men, sperm washing reduces the risk of transmitting HIV. The infection is carried in the seminal fluid rather than by the sperm, so washing sperm can be very effective. In one study from 2005 involving 567 serodiscordant couples (couples where one partner is HIV-positive and one is not), who used washed sperm to conceive, no HIV transmission occurred. However, washed sperm is not 100% guaranteed to be virus-free.

2. Single Male/No Partner

Single women who wish to conceive may visit a sperm bank. But what about single men? If you are ready to become a parent but you don’t have a partner, gestational surrogacy can be an ideal solution.

What is Gestational surrogacy?

You may be familiar with traditional surrogacy, where a woman agrees to be inseminated with a man’s sperm, carries the child, and gives the baby to the man, or to a couple, after it is born. With gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother uses donated eggs rather than her own. Donated eggs are fertilized with your sperm in a laboratory, and transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. The eggs may be supplied by an anonymous donor, or someone you know.

Why is gestational surrogacy better for single males?

When you work with an agency that specializes in gestational surrogacy, like Newborn Advantage, the process is safer, more effective, and more beneficial for all parties. We work with the highest quality surrogates, increasing the chances of healthy conception, and can match you with a qualified surrogate in two weeks or less. We also act as your advocate, helping you navigate the legal and financial surrogacy processes, and ensuring the proper agreements and contracts are in place to protect your interests. Unlike traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy always includes a formal contract that guarantees you will be recognized as the parent. Because gestational surrogates do not use their own eggs, they do not have a genetic connection to the child they are carrying—it is your baby from the beginning.

3. GBTQ Males

In the not-so-distant past, gay male couples who wanted to start their own families faced many challenges—but today, there are many options to help you become fathers. Newborn Advantage specializes in gay surrogacy. Our gestational surrogacy services can match you with a highly qualified surrogate in just two weeks. Once you’re matched, you and/or your partner may provide a sperm donation, which will be used to fertilize donated eggs in a laboratory. You may work with one gestational surrogate to carry one child, or you and your partner may each be matched to a separate surrogate, allowing you to father two children, who are biologically related to each of you.

For gay couples who wish to become parents, there are also many legal issues that must be considered. Newborn Advantage can connect you with experienced legal professionals who will ensure the correct procedures are followed for the countries and cities where both you and your surrogate reside, ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Find a Gestational Surrogate

Interested in gestational surrogacy? Newborn Advantage can help. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, or for more information about surrogacy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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