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About Gestational Surrogacy

Everything you need to become a surrogate

People explore surrogacy for several different reasons. Gestational surrogacy is a wonderful option for intended parents to have a child that is biologically connected to one or both parents for cases where they cannot carry themselves. Unlike traditional surrogacy, the baby is not biologically connected to the carrier in any way. The surrogate is the host for the embryo to grow and make its way into this world with a willing and healthy womb.

Many same-sex couples choose a surrogacy arrangement allowing at least one of them to be biologically connected to the child. Women who have a medical challenge that does not allow them to carry a child turn to gestational surrogacy as do women whose professions are limiting for a pregnancy. Whatever the reason for choosing a gestational surrogacy arrangement, one common thread is the altruistic spirit and warm hearts of willing candidates.

Why become a surrogate with Newborn Advantage?

Our Matching Process is One-of-a-Kind

Newborn’s matching process between surrogates and intended families is very smooth and transparent. We’ve matched thousands of surrogates with intended families, and our agency will facilitate any communication that needs to be done.

Newborn Advantage Surrogacy is a surrogacy agency that attracts the highest quality surrogates and candidates, and is unsurpassed in its selectivity. There is a prestige to working with us.

A Smooth Journey

We do everything in our power to make your maternity journey a rewarding one, emotionally, medically and financially.

Applying is Easy


Newborn Advantage Surrogacy offers compensation commiserate and is among the highest in the industry. We understand the significant commitment and effort involved from start to finish in a surrogacy journey. Our commitment to you is as crucial as your commitment to our clients. We believe that your efforts are valuable and that quality is worth a price.

“To see the love and excitement on the parent’s face when they see their child come into this world has been the greatest satisfaction in being a surrogate.”

How to become a Newborn Advantage Surrogate Mother

Thank you for your interest in surrogacy. The fact that you are considering how to become a surrogate mother for someone says a lot about your character. We want to personally welcome you to a journey that will be life-changing no matter what circumstances brought you here. We are happy to become your advocate to ensure you gain a positive experience from selflessly giving others the gift of parenthood.

Becoming a Gestational Surrogate

  1. Please complete the online information form.
  2. Upon receipt, the information is reviewed and you should get an email within 24 hours or less. If for any reason you do not receive a follow-up email please email or call to follow up. There are sometimes internet glitches.
  3. You will be sent some pre-qualifying questions and if all goes well, we will then discuss the full process to ensure surrogacy is right for you at this time.
  4. Profiles will not be reviewed by intended parents until you fully understand the process and are qualified as mentally, physically and psychologically ready to begin your journey. This journey is just as much about the carrier as it is about the intended parents. It is vital that you understand everything and know what is required of being a carrier prior to proceeding.