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Location is Important, But Not in the Way You Might Think

Many intended parents share with me that location is the most important criteria in a surrogate.  When an intended parents says this they usually mean they want a surrogate to live close by so that they can monitor and participate in the pregnancy up close and personal.

In my experience location IS important, but for an entirely different reason.

It is imperative to remember that not all states have equal surrogacy laws.  You want your candidate to reside in a state that has appropriate laws which align with your particular individual circumstances. Furthermore, travel to your doctor’s office twice during the surrogacy is the least expensive component and distance is not a factor that significantly impacts the overall cost of surrogacy.

Additionally, I urge prospective parents to stop and actually consider what it means to have the surrogate in your neighborhood once the baby is born.  What does that look like? Will you run into her at the grocery store or at the park?  Will that be comfortable on either side?

I honestly believe that the most important qualities a surrogate can have are:

A mature and responsible outlook

  • an understanding of the process of IVF and what is involved
  • a healthy, caring attitude towards herself and the baby
  • an awareness of what it means emotionally and physically to give up a baby that is not hers after birth.

A quality surrogate located in a state with surrogacy laws that align with your specific circumstances will be the best available surrogate to help create your family.

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