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The James Family
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Client 3 Image Family with fraternal twin boys.

My husband and I have worked with Mindy Berkson and her team for all five of our beautiful children. We are truly blessed with five blonde haired, 1 blue eye, 1 green eyes and 3 brown eyed children. Three look like their Daddy and two look like me. It is truly amazing. We couldn’t have asked for more because each one has turned out beyond our hopes and dreams

My oldest son Jude, is now 5.5 years old, he is smart, cute and bilingual. He is such a joy and blessing. We used three different surrogates to complete our family and each of the surrogates that Mindy and her team provided were very special in their own ways and we are still close to them and their families. Mindy was exceptional in answering our questions and holding our hands through the process. I am blessed that she and her team came into our lives.

Hear from Keith and Josh on their journey to parenthood with their two boys.

Newborn Advantage is the only surrogacy agency in the world that focuses on the life advantages of the newborn with an optimized birthing environment and a high-quality genetic selection process.

We specialize in working with same-sex couples/singles, professional singles, infertile couples, and cancer patients, to help bring new life to your family and to give your newborn an advantage at birth and in life.

My name is Debra. I have been working with Mindy for almost 6 years. She set me up with my first match in October 2012 with a wonderful couple from France. I had a set of fraternal twin boys [for them] a year later. I was then matched up with a set of intended fathers from England for whom I had a boy in August 2016. I am currently matched up with another lovely couple from New York. Mindy has made being a surrogate so seamless and such a joy. To see the love and excitement on the parent’s face when they see their child come into this world has been the greatest satisfaction in being a surrogate.

“Mindy was so incredibly helpful and informative that we decided to have a second child through Newborn Advantage Surrogacy soon after our first.”

-The Wilson Family

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We believe strongly in providing the highest quality surrogate profiles for our clients to choose from. That's why we focus so hard on ensuring that our surrogates and intended parents are a "like-minded match" from start to finish.

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