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Surrogates and Intended Parents Share Their Favorite Gifts From Each Other

The holidays are over, and we hope you’ve enjoyed sharing gifts and time with friends and family. As we prepare to begin a new year, we thought it might be fun to reflect on the best gifts surrogates and intended parents (IPs) received from one another during the holidays, and beyond.

Surrogates and IPs have a special relationship that starts before pregnancy, and often continues after the child is born—so it makes sense that they would want to give one another something memorable for the holidays. However, these surrogate and IP gift ideas aren’t just for holidays. You may want to give a gift at the birth, on a birthday, or during the pregnancy. Of course, gift giving is by no means required. It’s just one more way for surrogates and IPs to strengthen their relationship, and say “Thanks” for the experience of a lifetime.

Surrogate Gift Ideas:

Surrogates give IPs something truly priceless: the ability to grow their family through the birth of a child. Here are a few of the gifts surrogates say they love receiving most:

Personalized Jewelry

Charm bracelets and necklaces with birthstones for a surrogate’s own children, along with the birthstone for an IP child, are a treasured memento of your shared journey.

Gift Baskets

Personal care items like scented lotion, comfortable socks, prenatal vitamins and herbal tea are a warm way to show a surrogate you care about her health, happiness and comfort.


Pregnancy massages can help surrogates de-stress and relax. A massage is also a welcome gift after pregnancy, soothing tired muscles.

Manicure or Pedicure

A little self-care can go a long way. Gift certificates for manicures and pedicures are always favorite surrogate gifts.

Housecleaning and/or Meal Delivery Services

Who wouldn’t love free house cleaning and a fresh-cooked meal? Housework can be a struggle when you’re pregnant, making this an outstanding gift.

Gifts for Children

Surrogates’ children are sharing their mother with another family for more than nine months—so some IPs choose to give them gifts, like, books, games, toys or snacks. The gesture is definitely appreciated.

Souvenir Gifts

IPs and surrogates may live many miles away from one another, in different cities, states, or even different countries. Surrogates say they enjoy receiving gifts from the places IPs call home—such as unique cookies or candies made only in your hometown.


While this is certainly not a typical gift, it’s definitely an incredible one: One surrogate said her IPs sent her entire family to Disneyland, all expenses paid. Wow!

Family Photos

IPs often send photos of their family to their surrogates, showing how it has grown over the years. This is an easy way to show your surrogate what a big difference she has made, for a small cost.

Birthday Gifts

Many surrogates say they appreciate getting an annual birthday card or small gift from their IPs. Some IPs continue to remember surrogate birthdays, long after the baby’s birth.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Some IPs send flowers on Mother’s Day, to thank surrogates for helping become mothers, too.

Note of Thanks

A handwritten note or letter costs next to nothing, but is worth so much to the recipient, who will carry your words of gratitude with them forever.


IP Gift ideas:

Surrogates are very generous people—so they may want to give a special gift to their IPs as well. Many of the above ideas, like birthstone jewelry or meal services (great for new parents), could also make excellent gifts for IPs. Here are a few of the best IP gift ideas we found online:

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

An ornament engraved with the new baby’s name is a sweet seasonal gift that will be enjoyed every year.

Baby Clothing, Nursery Décor and Gifts

Cute baby clothing, toys, bottles, blankets and other new-parent gifts are always appropriate and appreciated.

Ultrasound Gifts

Today, you can get many gifts items personalized with ultrasound images or recordings of a baby’s heartbeat—from framed photos, to jewelry, to keychains and more.

Photo Album

Share photos from your pregnancy and the baby’s birth in a special album or photo book.

Restaurant Gift Cards

New parents are often overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring for a baby. A restaurant gift card could give IPs a much-needed date night—or just a night off from cooking.

Movie Night at Home

Fill a popcorn bucket or bowl with a bag of popcorn, movie snacks and a DVD or Redbox gift card to help new parents relax and enjoy a night in.

Unique “Birthday” Gifts

Years after the baby’s birth, it can be fun to hold a memento from the day they were born. IPs (and children) may enjoy looking back on a newspaper from this day, a book of famous birthdays, or a photo of the night sky the day the child was born.


Interested in surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a special gift that continues to benefit both giver and recipient for years to come. If you’re an IP or surrogate interested in beginning a new surrogacy journey, feel free to reach out to Newborn Advantage with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.



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