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Thank you, Mindy Berkson

Thank you, Mindy Berkson and the entire Newborn Advantage Surrogacy team, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness, superior expertise and continued prompt attention throughout my infertility journey.

The whole infertility process can be scary and incredibly overwhelming but because of Newborn Advantage Surrogacy, I have absolutely enjoyed the most amazing experience and success with my first gestational carrier, who gave birth to my beautiful daughter! They truly made what seemed impossible into a glorious reality. Because of Newborn Advantage Surrogacy’s top-notch network, surrogate candidates are provided almost immediately! And now, thanks AGAIN to Newborn Advantage Surrogacy, I am going to have my second child – a baby boy! Everyone from Newborn Advantage Surrogacy always goes so far beyond my expectations in every way and makes me always feel taken care of and in good hands; no matter what time during the day or night, they always return my calls, answer any and all questions and make me feel so very comfortable and valued. I always feel like I have a trusted second family supporting me! Newborn Advantage Surrogacy is such a top-notch team that is genuinely interested in my well-being.

Thank you for your positive attitude, understanding, encouragement and compassion. Keep up the awesome work! It is an absolutely pleasure to recommend Newborn Advantage Surrogacy to my family and friends!

– Suzanne DeWitt

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