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Top 5 Questions and Answers About Using an Infertility Consultant

Q: We’re already spending a fortune on infertility treatment, why add another expense by hiring an infertility consultant?

A: Prudent planning at the very beginning of your infertility journey can save time, energy, and money towards a more effective and streamlined treatment cycle. Most importantly, Newborn Advantage consultants will help establish the foundation financially, physically and emotionally to address the end family building goal and not just one cycle. Additionally, an infertility consultant can help to identify resources (such as egg donors, surrogates, and agencies), which address the emotional aspects of infertility and increase the total pool of available donors and surrogates. With an increased pool of candidates to draw from, matches made meet closely with individual criteria, and the wait time is decreased between diagnosis and treatment, and a family.

Q: How can an infertility consultant help me understand, and possibly minimize, my total financial expenditures over the course of an infertility treatment?

A: At Newborn Advantage, we analyze the insurance benefits that are available to you, determine the out-of-pocket expenses necessary to accomplish the treatment cycle, and factor in your end family-building goal. Prudent financial planning allows you to balance hope with caution and potentially set aside additional funds for a second cycle attempt or a sibling cycle.

Q: The information my partner and I have been given is overwhelming. How can an infertility consultant help same sex couples like us start a family?

A: Surrogacy and egg donation can be difficult for everyone and gay, lesbian and bi-couples, along with single parents, can face even greater challenges. Identifying resources appropriate to your individual situation is paramount.  Identifying a surrogate who resides and will give birth in a “gay friendly surrogate state” is a major consideration for same sex couples. Newborn Advantage can locate a team of multi-disciplinary professionals (fertility centers, reproductive endocrinologists, mental health professionals, and attorneys) who can effectively address the unique issues associated with your individual needs.

Q: Can an infertility consultant help to determine our course of treatment?

A: No, only your doctor can determine the treatment plan that’s right for you. However, once your plan is determined, Newborn Advantage consultants can help facilitate the treatment plan set by your doctor by sourcing donors, surrogates, or other professional resources. Newborn Advantage will provide a Risk/Benefit analysis to help determine chances of success for a given treatment option. Setting financial and emotional parameters can help to guide treatment courses and identify when it might be time to reassess your plan, and choose a different doctor-approved option.

Q: How can I find an infertility consultant that seems right for our unique situation?

A: As this is likely to be one of the most important life decisions you will make, you should choose a consultant who makes you feel comfortable. No one solution is right for everyone. At the initial consultation, the infertility consultant should fairly assess your individual emotional, financial, and physical needs, and help to determine a course of action appropriate to building the foundation for your individual and unique path to parenthood.

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