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Your Dream of a Family IS Possible, There is Hope

Are you struggling to conceive?

Do you not know where to turn, or what avenue to pursue next?

Are you feeling emotionally drained, confused and maybe even depressed?

Or, are you overwhelmed with procedures that have not worked, and do you wonder where you will find the money or strength to try again?

I’ve been in your shoes and know all about these thoughts, feelings, and procedures that you are experiencing.  I’m here to tell you that there is hope.  You should not give up because your dream of family building is possible.

First and foremost, there is hope! Thanks to technology and advancements in science, there are many available options for having a child.  Fortunately, times have changed quite a bit since my boys were born, and we are lucky to have many opportunities for completing our families.

Secondly, for all women struggling to conceive, embarrassment and shame should not be in your vocabulary. Infertility is a medical condition and should be considered the same as any other medical diagnosis. While it’s easier said than done, please do your best to keep negativity from entering your mind. There is no reason for you to be ashamed.

Thirdly, the path to parenthood is not always linear. There are often bumps in the road and unexpected twists and turns, so be prepared for what may come up. Realize that every individual and treatment options is unique to his or her given situation and diagnosis.

What I realized over 20 years ago, as I struggled with my own infertility issues, was that there were no advocates for intended parents. Even after the birth of my twin boys, I couldn’t stop thinking about the infertility struggle; the lack of information, the need for answers, finding the right resources and the wish that I had someone to hold my hand and tell me it would be okay. During my own struggle to conceive, and then during my years at the fertility center, it became even more evident that there was a total absence of resources to help navigate the fertility process.

With my personal experiences and the tremendous knowledge, I had gained, I knew that I could be the one to help make an extremely difficult and complex situation less frustrating. I had found my niche; my purpose

Today, Lotus Blossom Consulting enjoys international recognition. I am proud to say that over 700 babies have been born via surrogacy or egg donation, as a result of my team’s knowledge, expertise, and global resources.  My heart truly overflows with joy knowing that we were able to help thousands of people (heterosexual couples, gay couples and single men and women) achieve their lifelong dream of becoming parents.

Let us help you.

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