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Top Parenting Blogs for Men Interested in Gay Surrogacy

If you are a same-sex couple (or single gay man) who is interested in becoming a parent, you may want to hear about the journey of others like yourself, who have added a newborn to their families.  So we have put together a list of the top blogs on gay parenting.  Happy reading!

1. 2 Guys To Be 2 Dads:  A journal of family related happenings for this gay couple and their child.

2. Gay Parent Magazine blog: 




3. Proud Parenting:


  News, Family photos, Politics, etc.

4.  Designer Daddy:  

  Thoughtful articles about current events and family-related issues, giveaways, etc.

5. Family is About Love: 

  A Toronto-based gay couple chronicle their lives and family-related issues with their young son.

6.  The Family Equality Council Blog:

  A good resource for LGBT couples and singles who are thinking about parenthood or who have already become a family.

7. Gay Star Family:


An offshoot of the Gay Star News online site, this is dedicated specifically to LGBT families and is a great resource for family-related news and useful items.

If you are interested in learning more about the gay surrogacy process for gay couples specifically, you may want to download this free guide – it includes information about the process, the financial, legal and medical issues, etc.  Just click on the image below or here:

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