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Top Seven Tips for Same-Sex Couples in Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

There are dozens of surrogacy agencies and consultants out there.  Surrogacy is expensive and you want to make sure you’re making the right choice.  How do you know which agency to choose?  Here are the top 7 tips for gay men to ask when selecting a surrogacy agency:

  1. What is the agency’s history?  How many successful births have they handled?
  2. Does the agency specialize in gay couples and do they understand your unique needs?
  3. How are the surrogates screened?  How are they compensated?  What markers guarantee a high quality surrogate?  How soon can they match you to a surrogate?
  4. Does the agency have relationships with legal experts, medical experts, financial planning experts, etc. that will understand our unique needs as a gay couple?  Do they understand the complex web of laws that complicate the process for gay couples and how to solve any legal or financial issues?
  5. Do you like and/or trust your agency’s representatives?  Are they responsive to your needs?
  6. What is the agency’s philosophy?  Are they focused on low cost?  Or high quality birthing “ingredients?”  How does this philosophy gibe with your own?
  7. Does the agency support the LGBT community?  How much do they really know or care about us?


This information is part of a new report on surrogacy for gay men.  If you are a gay couple interested in surrogacy, you might want to get this free report – The Ultimate Guide for Gay Men on Surrogacy – that also goes into detail about all of the ins and outs of the surrogacy process, including timing, cost, legal issues, the surrogacy screening and match process, the egg donation process, etc.   Click on the image below to download it.

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